Who's got two thumbs and likes blow jobs?   THESE GUYS (and girls)!

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Peter Maignan & Hot Gilley's chick

Greg V & Hot Gilley's chick

Indian Dude from Renegade

Hawk chick

Brembo babe

Boyd Coddington

Elvis Chick

casey Kahne

Alfa Otto chick

The Hulkster "That's all you get brother."




EBC babe

Nice Magnaflow Cans



Bud Light Chickies

Hell ya I "Yahoo", can I "Yahoo" you?

Bad toupee guy

Steve Saleen

Uhh...some wrestler dude

Eclipse chick


Tire Chicks


I'll take two, and call you in the morning.

Nadine Toyoda


ASA girls

Big C from Street Fury

How about "Sin A Lot"?

Michelin man


Wee Man


John Cina

Marvin Soonthorn

Jose "J-Rod" Rodriguez

Mario Andretti

Funk Master Flex

Mr. Clean

Bernard Hopkins

Walker Evans

George Barris

Barry Meguiar "Car Crazy"


Stef Papadakis

Courtney Hansen


Extrude Hone Guy


Tire Guy

Hot DJ chick

Low Rider magazine chick

Falken chick

Pirelli girls

yummy Toyo Tires chick

Goodyear chick

chick with a checkered flag

Todd Waagner

Martin Gonzales

Peter Serwe


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